A Marketing Agency in Korea

A digital marketing agency specialized in data-driven marketing research and digital marketing. MNCS Korea has been established to offer exceptional, cost-effective solutions and relevant professional business support services using our wide network of professionals in Korea. We are operating in cooperation with proven partners including law firms, corporate investigators and authorized security services companies. Our staff and most of our partners have been working for multinational corporations operating in Korea.

Doing Business in Korea

MNCS Korea provides cutting-edge marketing services using our solution – kont3xt – that works regardless of the industry for the multinational corporations operating in Korea and Asia, which require fast and flexible approaches to various and complex problems. When you’re conducting business across national boundaries, it’s concerned with political, economic, social, and cultural conditions. Doing business without knowing local culture can cost you business. We can provide you with the right data and support at the right time minimizing the risk.

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59-12 Cheongdam-dong,
Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Why MNCS Korea?

Some well-known multinational companies fail to get satisfactory business outcomes in Asia and don’t understand why. Through our marketing research and consulting, we have found that it is mostly the lack of understanding their prospects and inappropriate approaches – executing conventional marketing tactics, not the brand awareness that causes the poor results.
Consumers and the surrounding environment including media channels keep changing and evolving so fast affecting each other as well, but the basics remain same on the other hand.
To get into the mind of your prospects, you need to read their mind first. That simple fact is often forgotten even though it is very basic. Moreover, traditional marketing researches like surveys can hardly get the right data for your business for many reasons. Our advanced marketing technologies focus on how to understand what they are looking for, and what they want and need.

Advanced Digital Marketing Technology

MNCS applied big data technology to marketing in June 2012 with some relevant technologies such as Heuristics, Webometrics, and Applied Informatics adopting new ideas mainly from applied sciences for higher ROI. We defined new concepts and digital marketing metrics such as COPI(Contextual Online Presence Index) to measure, quantify and explain efficiently.
There are many marketing companies and marketers who believe big data is statistical data from a large amount of data or gathering and analyzing social media data with the full-text search engine, but big data is much more than that.